What is a Home Inspection?

Certified Residential Mold Inspector

A home inspection is the thorough evaluation of a house particularly before the sale of the house to determine the repair and upgrades needed. South Bay Home Inspections evaluates nearly every component which is vital to the home is checked, and its condition noted. The buyer is the one who often hires a home inspection service for the appraisal of the property so that they can determine how much they are willing to pay for the property. You hire a Certified Home Inspector because of his or her expertise. South Bay Home Inspections has been serving the South Bay and Los Angeles County for over 20 years. They do have a trained eye and will recognize seemingly invisible faults with the latest technology, such as thermal imaging and moisture meters that could be very crucial to the structural integrity of the building.

A home inspection usually consists of a visual and structural examination of the building. There are things which cannot be determined by the use of the naked eye. Such things include infestation of termites or other such bugs. For such faults of a property certified thermal imaging will be required. Randy Pierson at South Bay Home Inspections is a Certified Thermographer. The imaging enables the inspector to know what is within the walls without tearing them down. Another dangerous infestation that does not necessarily present itself to the naked eye is mold. Mold can cause sickness, and even death even left unchecked. Certified mold inspections are carried out in such a scenario. South Bay Home Inspections has conducted thousands of moisture intrusion investigations. Buying a house with either mold or pests because you could not see them is no longer necessary with the technology mentioned above.

A home inspection is not a test when compared to the standard definition. There is no passing or failing. The inspector will only tell you what is wrong with the house so that you can judge if making the necessary repairs is worth the money, time and effort. South Bay Home Inspections provides a through report complete with digital pictures. The inspection report is a description of the house you are having inspected. The appraisal of such a home is up to you, not the inspector.

It is advisable to be present while the inspector is doing his work. South Bay Home Inspections actually invite the buyer to accompany him during the whole inspection process to gain valuable insight to the various components of the residence. Therefore, you can make inquiries of the state of the house and what the report means. You can also get the judgment of the inspector of which he is not required to put into his report.

Certified ASHI Home Inspector
Certified ASHI Home Inspector

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