Understanding the History and Professionalism of ASHI.org

Certified ASHI Home Inspector

Understanding the History and Professionalism of ASHI.orgAmerican Society of Home Inspectors

Before 1976, there was no established body that was in charge of ensuring that American homes inspectors met certain standards – one could have their home inspected but the inspector was under no obligation to follow any guidelines. That year, however, a group of home inspectors decided that an association would help improve their business and that is when they came together and formed ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors. It is a non-profit organization that is tasked with coming up with guidelines to guide inspectors during inspections.

In addition to inspection guidelines it has other duties as well. It is tasked with coming up with a professional code of ethics for its members and it is also their job to give consumers assurance on quality of inspections. Every state across the United States has its own ASHI office and it is a trusted and reliable institution.

To make sure that all inspectors remain professional the society has come up with a list of rules that all members must adhere to. To start with, no inspector can have a commission arrangement with a realtor. They also cannot offer to do any repairs that the realtor may recommend. To make sure that inspectors are up to date ASHI has to update them on the latest building technologies, professional skills as well as materials.

ASHI inspectors aren’t just useful when one is buying a home. They can also come in to address specific problems in the home. They can look at things like cracked walls and foundations, problems with insulation, soaking basements and they can even come in when one is doing home inspections – they advice the home owner on what they can do to improve on the quality of the property. They are also often called to inspect once building work or home improvements are complete.

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