Torrance, CA

Torrance, CA

Torrance is an affluent city in South Bay (Southwestern) region of Los Angeles, California, United States. It has a lot of beaches close to the Pacific Ocean and enjoys a moderate climate with warm temperatures, Sea breezes and low humidity. It has been tested and proven that Torrance is one of the safest cities for habitation in Los Angeles due to its low crime rate.



It was incorporated in 1921 and has today recorded a rapid increase in population as well as residential and high-tech industries in which its cities has numerous street trees and city parks like: Wilson Park which has extensive picnic and sports facilities, modern gymnasium, Skate park and roller-hockey rink. Madrona Marsh is one of the exploring urban wetland in Torrance with wild life preservation and nature preserve on land set for oil production and development. Its restoration projects enhance vital habitat for birds, wildlife and native plants, a nature center which provides activities, information, classes for school children and visitors. Columbia Park is known for a large recreational urban regional park with numerous picnic areas, field sports facilities, walking paths, jogging trails and competitive cross country running racecourse. The Smart Gardening Center is a community garden for planting beds and for residence.


Torrance was once known as an oil producing region with thousands of oil wells and oil derricks. This made the Exon Mobile Refinery in the north end of the city a place for gasoline supply. Torrance is an important hub and shop site of the Pacific Electric Railway and also has an Airport of which its noise abatement is a local issue.


U.S. headquarters of Japanese Automaker American Honda Motor Company is located in Torrance including Robinson Helicopters that are designed and built therein. Pacific Sales, PC Mall, Pelican Products, Verengo Solar and Rapiscan Systems are other companies based in Torrance.