Home Inspection vs. Appraisals

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Home Inspection vs. Appraisals By Randy Pierson, ACI, CRMI, MBA

Today, there is a huge number of companies that offer professional and reliable home inspection services. However, it is very important that you choose a competent company, one that you can trust and depend on, like South Bay Home Inspections. When you hear the term Home Inspection, what is the first thing that comes into your mind?

According to some researches, home inspection and appraisals are considered the same to potential home buyers. That couldn’t be farther from the truth!

Remember, that an appraisal is what the bank thinks it is worth. A home inspection is what you think it is worth! A home inspection takes into account the need to repair the roof or the plumbing, electrical or whatever the case maybe. An appraisal does not. An appraisal may take into account the new granite counters or the nice cabinets. But that won’t tell you if all that is going to get ruined by leaking plumbing, outdated electrical or poor installation of components. Ever heard the term “Lipstick on a pig”?

While appraisals do play a big role in the whole Real Estate game. It is the home inspector that is the unsung hero! South Bay Home Inspections has been serving the South Bay and Los Angeles County for nearly 20 years. With a reputation for reliability, honesty and thoroughness, South Bay Home
Inspections is the leading home inspection company in Los Angeles.

With the two Home Inspector per inspection approach. You get two certified inspectors looking at the entire residence. While we do not have a set time per home inspection, our inspections are generally less time than the competitors and twice as accurate. We actually encourage the client to accompany us around the entire inspection. This will give you valuable insight to the major components of the residence as well as making the final report with digital pictures even easier to understand.

South Bay Home Inspections is Certified by ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors for residential home inspections. South Bay Home Inspections is also a Board Certified Residential Mold Inspector. And has been trained and certified by the ASTM as well as, Carson Dunlop and Associates for Commercial Inspections.

South Bay Home Inspections is insured and maintains its continuing education with ASHI.org, ASTM.org and ACAC.org

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