Buying A New Home, Do I Still Need A Home Inspection?

Yes, in fact, you need to do a home inspection every time you buy a house whether its old or new. A home inspection gives you a professional opinion of the state of all areas of a home. The fact that a home is new does not mean that its not prone to having faults.

In many cases, contractors make mistakes. They may be in a hurry, or they may use sub-standard material, or they may not do all that is required of them. A home inspection on the new home that you want to buy will reveal any of these issues and you can then make an informed decision on whether to buy or not.

The best home inspections are done by certified professionals, and ASHI is the certifying body that can be trusted. Otherwise known as the American Society for Home Inspectors, ASHI gives professional training to people who want to become inspectors. It also provides the industry accepted checklist of what should be included in a home inspection.

You can look through the yellow pages to get a home inspector, and then make sure that they have the right qualifications. To get an inspection underway is easy once you get an inspector, either through ASHI or through the directory, they will ask you to pay a fee, and then you will meet them on a pre-arranged date and time for the inspection. They usually allow you to be present as they work.

Good inspectors will explain things as they go along and they will give you tips on how to keep your home running well. They will inspect electrical and plumbing systems, walls, the roof, pests, central heating, insulation, air conditioning and so on. Because they use a certain accepted checklist, you may notice that they will not inspect some areas. Its not standard practice, for example, for an inspector to check for mold or damp walls. These, however can be a big problem after you buy a new house. There are inspectors who are qualified to look for these things. They can also look at fire and water hazards that may be close to the house, earthquakes and other natural calamities which pose a risk.

There are home inspection businesses that operate in much the same way that individual inspector do. If you decide to use one of these, make sure that they have the right certification and qualifications. The advantage with these is that they will offer all kinds of inspection packages and you can have your new home much more thoroughly inspected.

Once an inspection is through, the inspector will explain to you the results of his inspection after which he will go back to his office and type out a report for you. This report summarizes his findings. Remember that it does not say anything about the value of the house, but based on it, you can negotiate to pay less depending on how much work is required to bring the house into shape.

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