Air Quality & Mold Sampling


Samples are taken at the request of the client

South Bay Home Inspections, International Training Association, ITAIf you don’t already know, I would like to state the obvious! Mold is in every home.

But! We don’t want any type of mold at high levels within habitable space. High levels is a relative term, and so is a term called exposure and susceptibility. All of which deserve lengthy discussion and are beyond this simple explanation.

The Government has NO established threshold limits for mold exposure.

A simple reason being, the diversity of people. Not all people react the same way to mold exposure. Let me try to explain with a little example. One that I come across quite often actually. A couple lives in a residence. The wife is displaying or having the following symptoms such as runny nose watering eyes. What could also seem like cold or hay-fever like symptoms. And the husband could be fine. Then they go on a vacation and both feel great until they return to the house. Days after returning, the wife has a reaction. Again, it is only a possibility that it is due to mold exposure. A mold inspection and subsequent air samples is a process of elimination. But it is a good place to start.

South Bay Home Inspections, International Training Association, ITAAir quality varies city by city. It’s not unusual to have micro climates in certain areas of the South Bay. It may be bright and sunny down in Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach but go up the hill just a little bit to Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills or Palos Verdes Estates, and it could be overcast and cold. Palos Verdes in general has several micro-climates, depending on which side of the hill you are on. Palos Verdes is even home to the Botanic Gardens.

The diversity of climates has a direct correlation with the air quality in the South Bay cities. From El Segundo to Manhattan Beach to Hermosa Beach and even including Redondo Beach we have varying climates along the beach then we do a few miles inward. Again, the same can be said Palos Verdes. Palos Verdes can be basically split into North, South, East and West. Trump’s Terinea is located on the western side of “The Hill”.